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Author: Jillian Plomin

Working Project Title: Legends of Gaeltach

Legends of Gaeltach is a planned four-book series with the first book already in the drafting stage. The first section was released as an NFT on the Cardano blockchain on February 25th, 2022.  

The book is still being written - you can help craft the story as it unfolds.

As each chapter is finished, it will be released as its own NFT, including an Audiobook and Kindle-compatible ebook version embedded in the token. We are releasing no more than 500 of each chapter token.

Audiobook can be played in the Eternl wallet.



Ryan and Erica are typical high school students—or so they think. They have hobbies and homework and friends, and are generally normal siblings. But one October evening, they find a curious object that rips them from their cozy suburban home into a world of rebels, royals, legends, and swords.


The pair now have to find their way back from the strange land of Aulmagne, but in doing so they ignite chaos and rebellion in the Aulmagnian people, upsetting the tyrannical rule of  Chancellor Ulrich. Will Ryan and Erica ever make it home, or are they trapped in this world forever?



When the world was newborn and the sun kissed its face for the first time, a tree grew where its fiery lips had touched. That tree grew, and as it grew its trunk split in twain. In time, the tree began to produce fruit. From the trunk that had grown eastward, a sweet, fleshy, sunset-orange fruit ripened. The western trunk bore a firm, crisp, violet fruit. After the first full turning of the world, the fruits fell.

But before the first orange fruit touched the ground it transformed into a woman, tall and beautiful. At the very same moment a purple fruit fell, changing into a young man, solid and strong. They knew at once that they were sister and brother, and they called themselves Orla and Baz.

Together they gathered the rest of the fruit into their flowing robes. When all the orange and purple fruits were collected, they breathed on them one by one, and as they did so, each fruit became a new creature. Some became men and women like themselves, though not quite as large or beautiful as themselves. And some became animals. Lions, falcons and doves, rabbits, bears, fish of all kinds, wolves, horses, goats, deer, and all manner of insects were given life and named by the twins Baz and Orla.

To mint ALL 23 available tokens in ONE transaction

send 38 ADA to: 


To mint the latest token, send 3 ADA to $ada_bookworm

To mint only Token 1, send 3 ADA to:



To mint only Token 2. send 3 ADA to: 


To mint only Token 3, send 3 ADA to: 


To mint only Token 4, send 3 ADA to:


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To mint only Token 23, send 3 ADA to:



You will receive 1.5 ADA plus the purchased tokens in return.


Token 1 Sneak Peak

Token 2 Sneak Peak

Token 3 Sneak Peak

Token 4 Sneak Peak

Token 5 Sneak Peak

Token 6 Sneak Peak

Token 7 Sneak Peak

Token 8 Sneak Peak

Token 9 Sneak Peak

Token 10 Sneak Peak

Token 11 Sneak Peak

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Token 15 Sneak Peak​

Token 16 Sneak Peak

Token 17 Sneak Peak

Token 18 Sneak Peak

Token 19 Sneak Peak

Token 20 Sneak Peak

Token 21 Sneak Peak

Token 22 Sneak Peak

Token 23 Sneak Peak

All Project Bookworm sneak peak tokens will be available on the Cardano token vending machines.  

Stake your ADA with one of the participating SPOs to be eligible.


Currently Available at:



Coming Soon: Taphouse

The "sneak peak" tokens are minted under policy ID b6408f665a71750e622a3f6430f35a1a6d6cde0d0b6c41bc027c0356

The "full chapter" tokens are minted under policy ID f6eb64a32451ccd1c5d8da31362fec78d4c266e10485273f46d96369

Cardano is a blockchain platform for changemakers, innovators, and visionaries, with the tools and technologies required to create possibility for the many, as well as the few, and bring about positive global change.

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Creative Writing + Blockchain Technology

Imagine reading along as George R.R. Martin built Westeros.

Imagine helping craft the character development of Vivienne, Jude and Taryn as Holly Black composed The Cruel Prince. 

Project Bookworm gives book lovers the rare opportunity to dive into a book at its earliest stages.

You will be walking alongside the author as they plow through the writing process - from first draft, through editing, and all the way to the printer!

Project Bookworm is building a collaborative community of readers and writers to bring new and exciting stories to life.

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All titles we publish are released in serial format, releasing one chapter per Epoch.

A new chapter "sneak peak" token will be available each Epoch via the Cardano token vending machines (currently DripDropz and  Read it to decide if you want to mint the next chapter, or not.

To receive the "full chapter" token, send 3 ADA to the proper minting address, above.  You will receive 1.5 ADA back, along with the full chapter.

Each chapter has a different "minting address."



Project Bookworm is excited to work with new authors.  Using Cardano blockchain technology, we can provide publishing opportunities for as yet unknown writers. We connect interested readers with authors who are wiling to share the intimate process of writing with the community.  

If you are a writer who is interested in joining, contact us.

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Jillian Plomin is a freelance copywriter living in the NYC area. With a B.A. in Theatre, Jillian cut her writing teeth writing plays for community and college theatre. She has twenty years of experience as a professional writer in political communications, government, and advertising. Blade of Baz will be her debut novel.


Moral Support / Small Tech

Matt is a founding board member of the Immutable Research Institute, a non-profit think tank focused on educating legislators, policymakers, and the public on best practices in upgrading the legacy off-chain world to blockchain.  He works in financial services, and provides business and regulatory-compliance guidance to a variety of projects.

He does a good-enough job wrangling the kids to give Jillian some time to write. Matt plays around with NFTs from time to time, and loves Cardano.


Writer, Illustrator, or Dev?

As Project Bookworm moves forward, we hope to bring more fantastic people on from around the Cardano community.  We are interested in working with emerging writers, illustrators, or developers to bring more exciting books to the Cardano blockchain.

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