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Writing a novel is hard, but this whole thing is pretty simple. We are giving you a behind the scenes look at the story as it is being written. 

We're very excited about the power of the Cardano blockchain, but we also know our limits.  If you want us to make a bunch of dreamy vague promises of gamification and DAOs, you’ll be disappointed. We’re not accustomed to promising more than we can deliver. We are delivering compelling stories.

One Chapter Token at a time. 

When these books are published, we think you’ll be glad you were there with us from the beginning. 

But... What about Tokenomics?

The books are still being written, so the Blade of Baz minting policy is open until about Year-End 2022. 

Here are our “tokenomics” commitments:

1. No more than 500 of each "full chapter" token will be circulating. We may need to remint to update metadata and upgrade the tokens, but if we mint more than 500 for this purpose, we will burn the extra tokens. 

If you collect all of the"full chapter" tokens, you can redeem them for a signed hard-copy of the finished book, AND attend our event at cNFTcon and Rare Bloom.

2. No more than 15,000 of each chapter-specific "sneak peak" token will be circulating.

The "sneak peak" tokens are distributed via the Cardano Single Pool Alliance Vending Machine at If you collect every one of these chapter-specific "sneak peak" tokens, you will get access to our event at cNFTcon and Rare Bloom, but no signed hard-copy of the book.

3. We are so grateful that we have received multiple submissions for chapter-specific art, and we plan on using these for one-of-one releases, giving the proceeds to charity. 

The "sneak peak" tokens are minted under policy ID b6408f665a71750e622a3f6430f35a1a6d6cde0d0b6c41bc027c0356

The "full chapter" tokens are minted under policy ID f6eb64a32451ccd1c5d8da31362fec78d4c266e10485273f46d96369

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