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Legends of Gaeltach: Blade of Baz

Updated: May 7, 2022

Ryan and Erica are typical high school students—or so they think. They have hobbies and homework and friends, and are generally normal siblings. But one October evening, they find a curious object that rips them from their cozy suburban home into a world of rebels, royals, legends, and swords. The pair now have to find their way back from the strange land of Aulmagne, but in doing so they ignite chaos and rebellion in the Aulmagnian people, upsetting the tyrannical rule of Chancellor Ulrich. Will Ryan and Erica ever make it home, or are they trapped in this world forever?

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About the Author

Jillian Plomin is a freelance copywriter living in the NYC area. With a B.A. in Theatre, Jillian cut her writing teeth writing plays for community and college theatre. She has twenty years of experience as a professional writer in political communications, government, and advertising. Blade of Baz will be her debut novel.

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